[ Booner Max Initial Review ]

I’m not an easy sale on certain items.  I’m skeptical and tight with my money.  I believe the hunting industry directly relates to that of the diet/exercise industry.  Everyone is looking for that “magical pill”, or quick fix.  What can I do today that will increase my success tomorrow, and I mean TOMORROW!  Not many products advertise a diligent management plan and patience…

25# of Booner Max!

4 Tips to totally fail at hinge cutting

“What are you doing today”?  My wife paused from working on her school work to inquire on my weekend plans.  “I’m going to hinge cut some trees back there” I responded, as I stared into the woods from the living room window.  I stated this with confidence, I mean, it looks pretty easy on YouTube…

[ Self-Reflection ]


“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way….”

– Margaret J. Wheatley

The quote above is one that I, as a hunter and passionate steward of the land, have spent countless hours thinking about.  At the end of every season, successful or not, I look back and think of the “what ifs”.  I wonder what could have been had I just done something different.  The end of 2016 was not any different, I have been thinking of the many ways I can improve myself and now, my land.

Simple Change

[ Simple Change ]

For weeks, I have assumed a deer was either dead… or gone.  Neither was a great thought, but being gone at least afforded the option he might return.  A deer I’ve recently started to call “Rick Grimes” was a summer-time regular on a very small percentage of my land.  Although the area he frequented was only a few acres, he was there constantly.  I didn’t put a lot of thought into why he was only frequenting a singular camera location, I just assumed it was on the edge of his range.  “Rick” was a deer I didn’t want to kill and I was hoping to see what he would amount to in 2017.

2016 Food Plot Lessons Learned

I’ve always wanted to have the ability to plant and manage some food plots.  I’m not a farmer, I don’t own a lot of big equipment, or really any equipment… So if I was going to have any success, I was going to have to do some research and ask a lot of questions.

That's a lot of seed....

That’s a lot of seed….

Farmer Stuff…

That's a lot of seed....

That’s a lot of seed….

Walking out of the house into the choking humidity instantly made me begin to rethink my decision to make this day “food plot day.”  Well, I’m already dressed… knee high socks, rubber boots, gym shorts and a t-shirt… not exactly the poster child for a farmer but, I might as well give this a shot. 


change2016 has been quite the year for my wife and I.  New job, buying a new home, selling an old home, picking up and leaving everything we knew and were comfortable with.  I’ve never been a sentimental fella and to be honest I was really excited at the new opportunities that were presented.  My wife accepted a new position around the Columbus, Ohio area and I’m fortunate enough to have a position that allows me to live pretty much anywhere within PA, OH, WV, and MD.  When we began talking about this move I had 1 request… Let’s buy land.  As simple as that request sounds, it was one of the most time consuming and frustrating processes I’ve been involved with at this point in my life.  During the process of looking for a new home, we would find homes we loved with no land, or homes we hated with great land…  It took quite a few months and A LOT of windshield time but, we found finally found a great home with about 52 acres in central Ohio.  It was literally a dream come true!!

Rut Rut Rut!!

Sweet November! I have been muttering that to myself the past few days…. It’s had a slightly sarcastic undertone to it, but still…. I love November. Rutting whitetails, some time off of work and the mental break I get while sitting in a tree.  This. Is. My. Therapy.

I love this view.

I love this view!

8-1 Card Pull

The weather today is absolutely gorgeous.  If you’re not outside, stop reading this and GO!  It was a great day to cut some firewood and check some trail cameras.  I only had time to check two cameras today, but it was worth it.  Finally a nice buck has shown up.  I have had card pull after card pull of raccoons and does.  With these properties being new, I literally have no idea the caliber of deer that are present.  I assume with the hundreds of acres of agriculture that there had to be at least some good deer, but up until now, I haven’t seen many.  A nice 8 showed up this week, and I hope he hangs around.  I think he would fit in well in my den.

Continued Preparations

  T-Minus 2 months and 18 days.  I don’t know about any of you but I feel like I have a thousand things to do.  With the season quickly approaching here is a quick update as to what I will be doing to prepare for it.